You may not know it but there are ways you can turn all the junk lying around your house into some cold hard cash. There are plenty of out-of-use items that contain metals which can be recycled at your local scrap yard. The beauty of recycling metals is that metals can be recycled over and over again without any loss in quality, you get to declutter your home, and help the earth while you’re at it.  Read on to learn about the different kinds of scrap you can find around the home.

How Does the Scrap Metal Recycling Process Work?

Getting your scrap metals recycled is easy once you know where to find them (we’ll get to that part in a bit) and what to do once you have found them. Let’s have a look at the steps you need to take to get scrap metal recycled.

Step One: Get Your Basics Right

The first step you should take is to know what you’re looking for and the price various scrap metals can fetch. Call your local scrap metal yard to find out what the prices they offer for different metals. You’ll want to collect enough metal to make your trip worthwhile. Make sure you have your ID handy before you drive down there with your scrap.

Step Two: Dismantle Items 

When you search your house for items, make sure that the things you are taking to the scrapyard contain 50 percent metal or more. You can also dismantle items to make sure they fit the bill. For example, take the handles and tires off a metal bike frame before taking it down to the scrapyard.

Step Three: Use a Magnet

Separate the different metals into piles the best you can. If you are unsure about how to sort some of your items, don’t worry – the people at the yard will help you out. One of the best things you can do beforehand is to separate ferrous metals from nonferrous metals. This basically means that you need to use a magnet to determine which items contain iron and which ones don’t. Although this isn’t strictly necessary, it will make your visit to the scrapyard faster – and the people there will love you for it.

Step Four: Load Up Your Car

Finally, load up your vehicle and take your metals to the scrapyard for recycling. 

Household Items That Are Perfect For Recycling

There are plenty of household items that contain metals to take to the scrap yard. In fact, you’ll be surprised at the number of different types of metals you find around the house. Some of them include:

  • Copper

You’ll find copper around the house mainly in the form of piping or tubing. The good news is that it is widely used and is a metal that is usually priced better than the others too. You can also find copper wiring in old or broken electronics. Ceiling fan motors typically contain a copper coil as do electric transformers in old cameras and chargers.

  • Aluminium 

Aluminium is another widely used metal that scrapyards love. Apart from collecting aluminium cans, old aluminium pots and pans are also good sources of high-quality aluminium. Other items that contain aluminium include some bicycle frames, garden furniture, gutter systems along with roofing and siding materials. Aluminium is a light metal, so you do need a fair bit of aluminium to make up a decent weight.

  • Brass

Brass is another commonly recycled metal. You can find it in brass faucets, plumbing and other fittings like doorknobs and knockers around the house.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel items are easy to find. Discarded sinks from refurbishments, bathroom fittings like faucets, or even old pots and pans are great sources of stainless steel.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron can be found in old radiators, boilers, and other types of heating systems along with pots and pans. You may even have old cast iron furniture that can bring in a good price. 

You can read about what happens once you’re at the scrap metal yard in this article.

Now that you know how easy it is to recycle metal, why not come down to Allied Salvage & Metals to trade in your scrap? You’ll love how decluttered your home feels and enjoy the experience of exchanging what is essentially rubbish for some cash you can use to treat yourself to something new?

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