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Allied Salvage & Metals doesn’t like to waste anybody’s time. That’s why we offer convenient demolition and scrap metal pickup for Greater Vancouver and Squamish customers. We understand it’s not always easy getting those old materials from their current location to our metal scrap yard. We’re happy to assist with our scheduled on-site dismantling and bin transport services. No job is too big for our crews.


  • Friendly, responsive service with every visit, phone call, or email inquiry
  • The highest prices paid for scrap based on the latest going rates
  • Honest appraisals and straightforward answers
  • Accountability in everything we do


Our roll-off trucks enable us to deliver and haul away scrap metal containers for commercial customers in the Lower Mainland and Squamish. We offer bin service with over 135 containers in various sizes to suit your business or cleanup needs. We can advise on the best roll-off container based on your industry, the types of metals, or the size of your property. Bins are free of charge and can be scheduled for regular or one-time service.

Once the bin is full, we will promptly collect the scrap metal from your location and drop off the replacement container at the handiest location. Allied Salvage & Metals is here to minimize any disruption to your workflow. If alternative forms of transport are required to manage oversized materials, we will gladly arrange any additional trucking. We cater our services to the specific needs of your operation.


Structures such as buildings and large vessels can easily be dismantled or cut down to size on-site so the materials can be salvaged for cash. We provide the equipment and personnel for scrap metal removal jobs of any size. From the cutting torches and excavators to the required permits, we ensure the job is conducted safely and efficiently in accordance with all regulations.

Large tanks and electrical transformers need to be safely downsized before they can be moved. Allied Salvage will review your location to determine the most practical strategy. Our experienced team delivers the heavy machinery and personnel necessary for a streamlined cleanup. We’re not just looking out for the planet; we’re also invested in protecting your property.


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