Saying goodbye to an old, much-loved vehicle can be tough. You’ve tried everything, but the repairs now cost more than the vehicle is worth. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  Instead of letting it occupy space and gather dust in a garage or a driveway, which can result in hazardous leaks, consider giving it to a scrapyard. Read on to learn about how to dispose of a scrap car.

Trade It In:

If you are purchasing a new car from a dealership, you may have the option to trade your old car in for the new one. However, most dealerships would prefer cars that are in working condition to give you a reasonable price. 


According to the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), approximately 1.6 million vehicles are retired from the roads every year, many of which end up at a scrapyard. Most scrapyards will give you a price based on the weight and current price of scrap metal. 

If your vehicle has been insured for the last 6 months, you may qualify for the BC SCRAP-IT program. This program offers a long list of incentives for trading in your old car, including transit passes, bicycles, car-sharing memberships, or cash.

How Scrapping a Car Benefits the Environment

Scrap cars pose potential hazards to the environment as they can leak fluids like refrigerants, oil, antifreeze, and mercury. Lead from old batteries can contaminate the soil. All these can leach into water sources when they are washed off by rain or snow and cause health problems and pollute natural habitats. 

When scrap cars end up in landfills, they occupy precious landfill space and contribute to the accumulation of non-biodegradable materials. They also leak hazardous liquids into the soil there. 

At least 85% of a car can be recycled. When you give your car to a scrapyard, all the recyclable materials are stripped from the original assembly and treated properly. The metals are scrapped and treated, so that they can be used to manufacture new automobiles or other appliances. This in turn, reduces the need for mining new metals. Recycling metals also uses less energy than mining, which thus means fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted. 

Essentially, you’re helping the environment by simply making the choice to sell your old scrap vehicle and you’re getting paid for it too!

How to Prepare You Car for Scrap Removal

Once you’ve made your decision to move on, it’s important to get your car prepped to be picked up by the scrapyard. 

  • Remove Personal Belongings: Clear out any personal items from the car. It’s a good idea to check under the mats, in between seats, and other nooks and crannies to see if anything has slipped in there. It’s a lot easier to be thorough first than try to retrieve something later. 
  • Remove Upgrades: If you have made any upgrades to your car, you should remove them at this point. For example, a great stereo system, expensive rims that you want to use on your new vehicle, or anything else that you have use for. 
  • Cancel Insurance: Inform your insurance provider if your car is still insured to be on the road and cancel your insurance policy for the vehicle with them.
  • Get Your Paperwork in Order: You’ll need to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to the scrapyard by filling out an ownership transfer form. Additionally, it’s always wise to fill out a release of liability form which relieves you of any responsibility for the car, legal or financial, once the ownership has been transferred to the scrapyard. 

How to Choose a Scrapyard for Your Car

A quick online search will show you multiple options with companies that trade scrap cars for cash, sight unseen. Others may ask for the title before giving you a quote. Another red flag is if a company offers cash and then changes the payment method to cheque or wire transfer. It’s best to avoid these. 

Instead choose a reputable scrapyard near you. One way to do so is to check if the scrapyard you have in mind is a part of Area Automotive Environmental Association’s Certified Automotive Recyclers Network. 

Allied Salvage and Metals along with our ASM Squamish location are proud members of this network. We maintain an eco-friendly recycling process that protects the environment as much as possible and have been known for our generous payouts for generations. 

Get in touch with us to scrap your old car today!