Scrap Metal Pickup & Demolition Salvage

Allied Salvage is here to help get the job done quickly and cost effectively. We are proud to offer a full range of truck services and demolition services to meet all of your needs.

Truck Services- Scrap Metal Pickup

Allied Salvage Scrap PickupWe have 2 roll off trucks which allows us to service the entire lower mainland promptly and efficiently.

We provide a container service with over 135 containers in a variety of sizes. We will deliver these to your business or job site and leave them for loading. Once the container is full, we provide scrap metal pickup and replace the container with an empty one as needed.

If alternative forms of transport are required to manage oversized materials we will gladly arrange the trucking for the specific needs of the operation.

Demolition Salvage Services

Allied Salvage Demolition ServicesStructures such as buildings and large vessels can easily be dismantled or cut down to size on site so that their materials can be salvaged for income. If use of cutting torches or large excavators with standard bucket and thumb or large size shears are necessary for the safe dismantling of such structures. We can provide the equipment and the personal to have this done.

Large tanks and electrical transformers, that need to be safely downsized and removed before they are dismantled. Allied Salvage will gladly come to you and do this as well as remove the smaller pieces. All on-site and off-site demolition salvage jobs are conducted in a professional, safe, and excellent manner.