Metal Recycling Process

Learn how we recycle Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, wire & copper!

Environmental consciousness has always been at the heart of what we do. From the very first days of the company, founder Arthur Weinstein was committed to utilizing what already exists by “mining the surface of the world” and recycling these materials to prolong their use, reducing needless waste and the need for further conventional mining. We’ve continued this tradition of conservation over four generations, all-the-while continuing to improve our processes to ensure maximum efficiency.

Take a look inside our metal recycling process to learn more.


Ferrous (Heavy) Metals

Truck unloading heavy metals

Step 1: Truck Unloading 15,000 lbs Heavy Metals

Lifting and sorting

Step 2: Lifting and Sorting

Compacting and packaging

Step 3: Compacting and Packaging

Truck loaded and ready for shopping

Step 4: Truck Loaded with 60,000 lbs ready for Shopping

Non-Ferrous Metal

Sorting aluminum types

Step 1: Sorting Aluminum types after being dropped

Non ferrous metals to be baled

Step 2: Non Ferrous Metals added to the Conveyor to be baled

Quality assurance on bailed metals

Step 3: Quality Assurance on the bailed Metals

Bales ready to ship

Step 4: Bales are piled up high ready to be shipped

Bailing Wire

Sorting Wire for Baling

Step 1: Sorting wire for bailing process

Wire Added to Conveyor for Baling

Step 2: Wire added to the Conveyor to be baled

Baling wire on conveyor

Step 3: Wire is sorted by conveyor and checked for quality

Finished wire bale

Step 4: Finished bale is ready to ship


Allied Salvage- Copper Pile

Step 1: Copper pile waiting to be sorted

Allied Salvage- Copper is sorted

Step 2: Copper is sorted

Allied Salvage- Copper added to conveyor

Step 3: Copper is added to conveyor

Allied Salvage- Copper Stacked

Step 4: Baled Copper is stacked and ready for transport

Metal Shear

Sierra 900 shear- Step 1

Step 1: Metal is inserted into our Sierra 900 shear

Allied Salvage Sierra 900 shear - Step 2

Step 2: Shear begins to cut

Allied Salvage Sierra 900 shear- Step 3

Step 3: Sierra 900 shear cuts through metal like butter

Allied Salvage Sierra 900 shear- Step 4

Step 4: Metal is cut through and dropped onto pile